Persuasive Essay On Refugees Research Paper

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Imagine a world in which one’s home is always under threat of being bombed. A world where children must dodge sniper fire if they wish to continue to go to school or to even take a walk outside of their own homes. A world where countless people have been forcibly removed from their own homes and no safe place to go. This tragic a is a reality for the millions of refugees desperately fleeing Syria in search of someplace safe. With supplies dwindling and the countries bordering Syria filling up with refugees they cannot hope to support, something must be done to assist the refugees. Therefore, the United States should allow refugees to seek asylum because they face life threatening conditions, sexual assault, have no place to go, and are thus forced to seek out ISIS for help. The actual Syrian civil war started in March 2011 when a group of citizens protesting the oppressive regime of …show more content…
Lauren Wolfe, a reporter with The Atlantic interviewed a Syrian doctor named Kanawati. She said “[w]hen I asked Kanawati how many women she’s spoken to and treated who have survived rape, she said it’s impossible to know. She has interviewed dozens of refugees who may have been raped or otherwise sexually tortured….” Dozens of refugees have had their human rights violated in a war that is not their own. One may argue that sexual-assault is a crime that happens anywhere, that Syrians should figure out how to deal with sexual-assault themselves. On the other hand, this crime is not a random attack committed in a dark back alley, but a crime of war committed by Syria’s own government. According to Wolfe, “When it comes to the rape of women, government forces have allegedly carried out 54 percent of these attacks….” How should Syrians deal with these heinous crimes if their own government is the one committing them? There was a report on the many cases of rapes

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