An Analysis Of Four Selfish Reasons In Syrian Refugees

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The United States should accept foreign refugees facing imminent danger to their very lives. Allowing Syrian refugees to come to America will help America grow economically and aid in the fight against ISIS. Yet countless amounts of people in our government are blocking the efforts of Syrian’s looking for a safe place to reside. Ultimately, members of our government are helping refugees die in the place they stand when they refuse a certain type of person based on fear. The people of Syria are risking situations such as hypothermia, starvation and even death to escape from the atrocities plaguing their everyday lives. Humanitarian efforts should be enough reason to bring refugees into our country, but unfortunately, it is not. It is proven, …show more content…
In an article done by David J. Bier named “4 Selfish Reasons to Take in Syrian Refugees”, Bier points out this “If the US announced that it was turning away all Syrian refugees, ISIS would immediately incorporate this decision into its recruitment campaign.” ISIS will use anything they can get their hands on to recruit more militants and the U.S. does not need to hand them any more reasons. ISIS already has an enormous propaganda machine running day and night and is recruiting at least one thousand new members each day. Some Americans are just plain terrified into thinking that by accepting more refugees we are opening the door to more terrorism and violence in the United States. Russell Berman at the Atlantic ascertains, “A refugee applying for resettlement in the U.S., by contrast, must endure a screening process that takes as long as two years before stepping foot on American soil.” So with a process that takes this long one would think of other ways to come into the United States that would be a more streamlined process. It just doesn’t seem like a possible route for a terrorist would want to use since they want immediate results of

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