Syrian Refugee Crisis Essay

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A History To Rewrite - Syrian Refugee Crisis
The United States of America is always considered as a role model country for many other countries and people of different countries. People of different countries always look at America as their final hope when their country is going through different crisis. Moreover, America always share a great history of stepping up and help protecting the rights and moral values of those people in need. This time, the innocence Syrian people are looking at the America as their final hope due to the civil war going in their country. Syria a well conventional farmland, located in the middle east which was established around 10,000 years ago. The country is going in a war with their government due to which put
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We always stood with the people who were fighting for their civil rights. As a role model country, United States has always opened their doors for the migrating peoples and refugees. But when it comes to Syria, we are pulling our hands back by just limiting their flow into the America. The things that is bugging us is their religious appearance which can be connected to different inhumane acts happened in the U.S. and worldwide. Their appearance of being Muslim refugees is the root cause of the problem and government is not willing to take any risk for the safety of their citizens. But if we think about it, the screening process is eliminating all the chances that can cause any threat to the nation 's security. The people are struggling with their daily need and are live a life under the fear of terror and death. The little children who already lost their families need protection from those terrorist groups or they can be easily captured and trained to be the next ISIS members. Their should be an increase in the acceptance of application from the refugees so that we can provide them good education and direction so that they can help in the prosperity of our great nation. Because we want American to be represented as a helpful and unbiased nation in the history by letting the Syrian refugees into to his States as we are doing from previous

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