Refugee Finding A Job Of America Essay

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Refugee finding a job in America
I arrived the United States after 14 hours of flying, I was exhausted, and everything was new for me. I soon realized the new life would not be easy, but I was determined and decided I would never give up. I took my first step to getting a driver license, and I knew I have to pass a hard driving test actually, it was not a hard test for the people who used to live in America but, It was hard for me because, I had a car and I use to drive in Iraq but, there was a different traffic rules and, we don’t have a lot of highways only what we have is a plenty of a small streets and people walking or riding bikes or motorcycles. America has a plenty of high ways and a lot of traffic signs. Wherever, I drive my car in America, I can’t stop thinking about, I will get lost, but soon I have learned how to take the full advantage of the technology by using the Google maps, which show me roads clearly with an anticipated arrival time.
Once I passed my test and had my license in hand, I was good to go to look for a job
This was not easy for someone who could barely speak English, but I was lucky to find one because I was not making much money and it was a hard physical work, I became discouraged. After I finished my first week at work, I started to think about leaving everything and going back to where I came from. I didn’t know the new life would be hard for me here and it needs to take a long time to learn the new language but, when I think about the bad…

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