Reflective Review : The Communication Course Essays

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Reflective Review
This semester in the Communications course, I have learnt a lot of techniques to improve my own communication skills. I have gotten the chance to work in a group and gain group skills, construct a business report to prepare me for the business organisation. This semester the course has been very helpful and I just cannot explain how much it has improved my talents in communications. I have also learnt many other skills and understandings that I explain below.

Inter-cultural Understanding
Some Inter-cultural understandings that I’ve improved on are things like valuing my own culture, language and beliefs, and also those of others. I now understand that all cultures are different in some way but also share a lot of similarities. Being at WelTec has made me open my perception of other cultures, becoming friends with people from other cultures breaks a lot of stereotypes that I was once informed about. Having a better Inter-Cultural understanding has helped me in my own culture as I am now more tuned into social gatherings that happen in my own culture. I achieved these things by being respectful of my own culture and others cultures, I have also learned that not all cultures are perfect, this has helped me get a better develop my intercultural understanding.
One thing that I did not achieve this semester is finding out further information about my culture. I would like to have learn how certain situations are dealt with in my culture. I did not achieve this…

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