Reflective Reflection On Reflective Practice Essay

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This assignment will focus on the reflective practice demonstrated during my first term in School X. In order to discuss the significant impact of this practice, we must first understand the term ‘reflective practice’ whilst there are multiple definitions of reflective practice Kinsella. E (2009), my main focus will be a definition by Schon (1983) and contrast this with the findings of Moon (1999).

Dewey 1933 as cited in J. Dewey (2007) was one of the first to identify reflection as a specialised form on thinking. He considered reflection to stem from doubt, hesitation or perplexity related to a directly experienced situation. In my opinion I think it is important to take into account that every individual has their own method of reflection; how and what one may reflect on could differ from another, thus making reflective practice a very individual and personal interpretation.

Dewey’s ideas provided a strong platform for the concept of ‘reflective practice, which gained influence with the arrival of Schon’s theory. Schon defined reflective practice as “…the capacity to reflect on action so as to engage in a process of continuous learning”. Schon (1983) Although Schon’s main focus was to aid the development of reflective practitioners rather than describe the process of reflection, he made a significant contribution to identify two types of reflection: reflection-on-action (after-the-event thinking) and reflection-in-action (thinking while doing). Munby. H (2012)


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