Reflective Essay: The Role Of Literacy In High School

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Literacy, as I see it, has an extremely broad definition that solely depends on the interpreter. Literacy is the ability to read and evaluate content in a unique way of thinking, along with the aptitude to write and reflect upon a story, topic, or a piece of art. Throughout my life my literacy has evolved and changed into what it is today, a freshman in college writing 101. I believe that my attitude towards literacy can be best described by the path of reading from my adolescent and my high school years. This is when I discovered my likes and dislikes about how I was raised to comprehend reading and how it has affected me growing up and turned me into the literate person that I am today.
My first memorable reading experience occurred when I was six years old. Every night my dad and I would read from a series called “The Hardy Boys” by Franklin W Dixon. This series involved two teenage brothers who undoubtedly solved mysteries together. This was by far the best exposure that I could have had to reading at a young age. The two teenage boys acted as older role models
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I had forgotten what it was like to pursue a book of my own interest rather than one that was part of an assignment. This dawned on me as I started to read “The Maze Runner” by James Dashner. I had enjoyed the movie so much that when I heard that there was a book series made from it I decided to order the first one. I was absorbed by the pages but unlike when I was a kid I was now able to read by myself without a parent’s help. I read for hours as I dug deeper into the story. The cliffhangers that were left at the end of each chapter required me to read on to the next step of the adventure. I understood the characters and got involved with the book just as I did when I was a kid. The three book series took me less than two weeks to complete which showed that I had enjoyed reading all along but had been reading the wrong

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