Working Out Reflection

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Introduction Many people in the United States do not work out regularly. This results in health problems for many US citizens. According to CNN, only three out of ten people in the US work out regularly (CNN, 2002). This is why my health behavior change was to start working out regularly. My short term goal for my health behavior change was to work out twice during the week. This goal was for the first five weeks of our change. My long term goal is to work out four times a week. Working out does not need to be lifting weights or running, but it can be walking for 30 minutes. I also had a middle goal, so I had increases in how many times I worked out during the week. My middle goal was to increase from working out twice a week to working out three times a week after the first five weeks.

Results My short term goal was fairly easy to reach during my change. There was only one week during my short term goal that I did not work out twice a week. One of the reason it was easy for me to work out twice a week during the short term period, was because I have an internship at a gym. I am at the internship three days out of the week, so I am already at a gym and I can workout after my shift. I struggled a little more during my middle goal. I only reached my middle goal two out of the four weeks that I had set aside for my middle goal. Even though I did
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I learned a lot about myself and how far I can push myself. At first it was not easy going to the gym to workout. After I forced myself to workout the first couple of week, I began to enjoy it. Even though I liked working out more later in the change, I still found that I could become distracted and miss a workout. Even though I did not meet my goals every week, I feel a lot more confident in my ability to meet my goals in the future. Meeting these goals will make me a healthier person and will also help me become much more

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