A Narrative Essay On The Lgbt Community

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Unfortunately, about 41,000 people every year do not get to share the privilege with me of saying that they beat depression and suicide. They tragically cut their lives short for a plethora of different reasons. Perhaps they face persecution for being a member of the LGBT community or they feel that they are failing in school or their job and they see no way out. For me, I felt alone and isolated. Luckily, though, I made it through the darkest tunnel, and now I see nothing but a glowing future on the horizon.
For my entire life, I had been a troubled child, prone to extreme temper tantrums. I blamed everyone else for my unfortunate positions. Nothing was ever my fault. Wrong was always done to me. I thought irrationally purely based out of my own emotions. This slowly culminated into strained relationships with family and friends and reached its peak during the last half of my freshman year and the beginning half of my sophomore year in high school. It all began when I started absolutely hating my father. He was angry, distant, and impersonal which translated into my mind
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I didn’t have family or friends. I was too afraid to tell my parents who would probably blame it on Satan. I didn’t have the support of my friends. None of my friends except my girlfriend knew what I was going through and she ended up breaking up with me shortly after the week at Falls Creek. Contrary to what other people may see the solution as, I healed by losing my religion. That week raised real and troublesome questions for me about the nature of God and his morality. After months of exploring the internet, I came to the conclusion that there was no reason to believe in the silly superstitions that I had been raised in. I realized that there is no grand arbiter controlling everything that happens in this world. I am responsible for my own actions and if anything negative happened in my life, I needed to deal with it practically rather than praying to a

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