Reflective Essay On Paperrater

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Writing about my own writing sounds complicated and difficult. When I was assigned this essay, I had a blank mind and no thoughts were whistling by. But once I started to think about it, some things were coming to mind. Ever since I was introduced to the website Paperrater, my whole writing concept has changed for the better. Not only did I improve on my transitioning, but I improved on my word choice and sentence structuring. I feel my writing technique has helped me since my freshman year in high school; however, I sense that I need to change some ways to improve my writing.
Without further or do, I am very thankful that I was introduced to the website Paperrater. I have heard of websites similar to this, but I, as a student, had no clue that I would have access to this. Every time I write an essay for any class, I always use the Paperrater. It helps me identify small errors in my writing that I was not able to see. As a matter of fact, it will even tell me how well my transitioning sentences are or my word choice really is. I also enjoy the option where it gives me feedback on how to improve some areas in my writing. I did some research on this website and I found some interesting things.
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I typically write in an environment that is not too quiet or not too loud. For instances, I like to write my essays in my dorm with the door shut and light music playing in the background. I can’t listen to music with ear phones in my ears, because I’ll catch myself writing the lyrics to a song. Or, I can’t have the TV on a high volume, because I will get distracted and forget what I was about to write. Not to mention, I do like writing in a quiet classroom full of people. This will help me keep a steady pace. I can’t write in a classroom where everyone is talking at once. I lose focus and my train of thought. In the end, I prefer to write in an environment that is at a low volume and a suitable

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