Essay About My Writing Experience

Writing about my own writing sounds complicated and difficult. When I was assigned this essay, I had a blank mind and no thoughts were whistling by. But once I started to think about it, some things were coming to mind. Ever since I was introduced to the website Paperrater, my whole writing concept has changed for the better. Not only did I improve on my transitioning, but I improved on my word choice and sentence structuring. I feel my writing technique has helped me since my freshman year in high school; however, I sense that I need to change some ways to improve my writing.
Without further or do, I am very thankful that I was introduced to the website Paperrater. I have heard of websites similar to this, but I, as a student, had no clue that I would have access to this. Every time I write an essay for any class, I always use the Paperrater. It helps me identify small errors in my writing that I was not able to see. As a matter of fact, it will even tell me how well my
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I would use the bubble map technique. By using this, I would write down my topic in the center or the page and draw a bubble around it. Next, I would write out key words, ideas or sentences around my topic. Occasionally, I’ll number each one so it would go in order, but normally, I would just write them wherever on the paper. Once I’m finished brainstorming, I would jump right into typing. On my good days, I would bust out two hundred words and have that momentum moving. However, I do have those bad days and have writer’s block. Eventually, I’ll find the motivation to push through the essay and get it done by the due date. Another strategy I can improve my writing, is to use the Student Success Center. This would be a way to change my routine in writing. I haven’t had the chance to go check it out, but I’ve heard great things about it. I should also ask for help from my instructors to reach my goal in

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