Reflective Essay: My Last Year In High School

My view on what I wrote last year I felt as if I was just rushing through it and not giving to much thought. I thought my essay was plain and really could 'vs use more thought, time and effort. It seems like I struggle to come up with things to say it felt reptitive. As a 9th grader it seems like I was focus on just passing and I think that showed in my essay. In my paper it seems like I was forced to write the essay ,and I really didn 't seem to care. Almost as if someone had threated me and made to write or something bad was going to happen. And to be perfectly honest my essay was just poorly written and there 's no excuse for that. Also seems as if 9th grader me didn 't care if she left a good legacy or not. I didn 't like the essay I wrote last year at all. I learnt by barley passing a class is not going to do anything for you in the long run.That not getting along with a teacher does you no good at all and neither does being a class clown. I learnt that all your friends you had is not going to be there in the long run. That …show more content…
I want to show that working hard and getting good grades doesn 't make a goody two-shoes at all. That it shows how willing you are to put in work so can succeed. As for me leaving a good legacy in 9th grade I wasn 't very effective. I was just going through the motions just hoping that I pass all my classes. My legacy that I left last year was I going to do my work but any given day I wouldn 't try. I left a legacy that says school means noting to me and I 'm just here to graduate. It felt like I was one of the kids who came to school because I had and my parents weren 't paying any ticket. That i really didn 't care about school and didbt realize how lucky I was because And other countries kids don 't have the privilege of going to school. So when it cones to me being effective last year in leaving my legacy I wasn

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