Reflective Essay On General Psychology

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I had Berta for general psychology during my first semester of college. When I found out she was teaching another Psych class in the Spring, I thought ‘I’ve got to take this class’. Berta is someone I look up to as a person, and she also has my utmost respect for being the most laid back professor that I have had so far here at Pellissippi State. She has made me feel like I actually matter in this world, and that I actually have a purpose. I know for a fact if I ever needed anything from her she would be there to support me and push me all of the way. I’m very blessed to be able to say this about one of my professors. One thing that stood out for me during this semester was the friendships that I have gained. I’m a reserved person and it is really hard for me to meet new people; but, Sydney, Kayla, and Aaron have …show more content…
You never walked into that room feeling unwanted or unworthy of something. At the beginning of the semester I thought this class was going to be a challenge for me, but with the help and understanding from my classmates, and also Berta, I was able to make it through with my head held high. Two days a week is not enough for this class, because there were days where we could go on for what seemed like hours on one topic and we would run out of time and nobody wanted the class to end. Everyone was so excited day by day just to get to this class because we all fell so in love with what we were doing and what we were learning. I know for a fact that all of the students in this class have impacted my life someway, somehow. I wish this class would go on forever, because I hate thinking that we are all going to go our separate ways and never speak to each other again. I, for one, will be recommending this class, and also Berta, to any student who is even thinking about psychology. Thank you for a good year, Berta. Your love and respect will never go

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