Reflective Essay On School Psychology

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Weekly Reflection Paper: 4
This week’s readings covered a few areas in the realm of school psychology. The chapters and article explained what you need to do to become a school psychologist, what you need to do once you are a school psychologist, and how to do it effectively. Understanding and implementing these qualities is crucial to being a successful school psychologist.
Chapter 4 discusses the different qualities that go into making a decision of becoming a school psychologist. One of the biggest decisions one needs to make is whether they would like to obtain an specialist degree or doctoral degree. It is also crucial to decide where you would like to go to obtain your degree because although NASP and APA have their standard domains
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One way to help bridge this gap is to establish effective relationships. Some personal attributes that help create these relationships include: warmth, genuineness, and trustworthiness. Furthermore, some helper strategies to build upon these relationships include: empathy, positive regard, self-disclosure, and feedback (McGivern, Ray-Subramanian, and Auster, 2008). Although I have little experience in the realm of school psychology, I do have some experience in elementary and special education. One of the hardest things to deal with was learning best practice in class, only to become aware it was not being demonstrated in the classrooms. Three were a few instances where I was eager to implement evidence-based practices and was shut down because the district has not caught up to the education world’s research findings. This is another reason why I felt school psychology was the right profession for me. I wanted to make best practice happen within our schools and potentially other settings as well.
Once one decides what type of school psychologist they want to be and where they want to pursue that degree, it is essential to learn how to be an effective school psychologist. It is easy to gain access to research, what can be difficult is putting best practice into place. One way to bridge that gap is by establishing effective relationships with the individuals

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