Empathy Exercise Reflection

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In our lives, there is often behaviors and actions that have a negative impact. There needs to be a change occasionally to make your life better; this change can bring about positive outcomes for that yourself. For this empathy exercise, I had the opportunity to reflect on myself and think about one change that I could accomplish for five weeks; this variation would not only assist in my life but make things better for my health. The difference that I chose to sacrifice for this exercise is quit eating at fast food places; this includes not eating at restraints as well and focusing my attention on making food at home. When I first realized that I needed to make a change, I realized that I was eating at fast food places a lot and losing …show more content…
This exercise for the first week was not the way I wanted things to end up when it comes to not eating fast food and will try to push myself to do a lot better. During this time, I did buy nutriments and had many ideas for food that I will make at home instead of eating fast food. I did tell my friends about what I was doing for the next five weeks, they all seemed supportive of what I was trying to do, one of my friends suggested and showed me multiple apps for my phone on create healthy food options for eating at home instead of eating fast food overall. During that time, I told myself I would try and push into the goal of cutting eating out to fast food for the next couple weeks for this exercise. The second week of this exercise went well of not eating fast food; I only ate out at a fast food place ounce, that was because I didn’t have any food yet for my residence. I felt during the time that this exercise had been kind of awkward for me not to think about eating fast food because it is something I do all the time in my life. I knew that if I cut out entirely not eating fast food, not only will I be a lot healthier but save money in the process. That week I managed to purchase a lot of healthy food for my residence, and that has encouraged me not just to eat

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