Reflective Essay On Entrepreneurship

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From a young age, I have found the idea of running a business exciting and appreciate just how rewarding it can be. I am also interested in the creativity involved with business, as I have always been amazed at the new ideas that people come with in order to make money.
Founder and CEO of amazon, Jeff Bezos said that “I knew that if I failed I wouldn’t regret that, but I knew the one thing I might regret is not trying.” This quote has motivated me to pursue a career in business as it told me that if I don’t try then I will never succeed. However, I am aware of the risks associated with entrepreneurship which is why I want to learn as much as possible about the business world in order to ensure that I can run a successful business and have no regrets. In order to expand my knowledge of the business world and the goings on of the workplace, I took part
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In addition, they act as brokers for clients that need access to capital and commodity markets. During this week I learnt about many things that contribute towards the running of a business. I learnt that it is important to interact with clients in a professional way at all times in order to create confidence and trust in the business. I also learnt the importance of motivating employees as the positive atmosphere of the workplace made everyone much more productive and found their work more enjoyable. I also took part in meetings so that I could learn how employees interact with each other and learn the importance of communication in running a successful business.
Due to the enjoyment I experienced within this week of work experience, I was even more motivated to pursue

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