Personal Narrative: Coming Face In Life

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Coming face to face with a challenge in life is inevitable, but sometimes to overcome that particular challenge, one cannot let the situation be greater than they are. There are always steps to obtaining your goal. These steps may vary depending on the person setting them, or the situational setting they are in. I find this method the best way to overcoming a challenging task because I am able to lay out step by step how I want to accomplish the task. Other people may not use this method but the most important part is to persevere over the adversity and never give up. I have learned over time that the feeling of accomplishment through hard work and dedication is substantially better than the feeling of “just getting through” in life.
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I had felt great going to class until I spotted all those seniors. I thought to myself, “Am I really going to be in a class full of seniors?!” Trying to remain calm, I walked to the classroom where the teacher introduced herself to me, “Hola, soy Señora Marine! Y usted?” “Hola… soy Evan,” I responded very hesitantly. As I walk into class after greeting Mrs. Marine, all I could see was a wave of seniors. I then immediately try and find a seat where I can hardly be noticed by any of the seniors. Luckily, I spotted out a seat in the furthest back part of the classroom next to a girl I have never seen. I took my seat next to this complete stranger and I try not to stare or make things awkward so I casually check my instagram to make it seem like I was busy. After a few minutes, the bell finally rang to start class and the teacher closed the door. She then returns inside the classroom, where all the students get the cue to silence up. There I sit, full of nerves, waiting for the teacher to speak to us in regards to what this year of Spanish III will consist …show more content…
My name is Señora Marine and I will be your Spanish three instructor for this year.” She then began going on with the class by handing out the syllabus and explaining in detail, what the class inntels. Meanwhile, completely incoherent of what the teacher is talking about, I am looking around the class to see exactly who is the class and if I have a friend in there. Turns out, I knew nobody in the class except the star senior quarterback I had seen around school. His name was Andrew but everyone called him “Drew.” And then there was the girl that sat right next to me and neither her nor I had said a single word to each other yet. Now I am thinking to myself how this class is going to be fun when I know hardly anyone in here and just about all of my classmates are upperclassmen. After about an hour into class the bell had rang and we were then released break to continue off the

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