Personal Narrative: Out With The Old In With The New

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Out With the Old In With the New

Looking back at the old me in high school, I would have never guessed I’d become the young woman I am today. I’ve always had a vision of what I wanted to look like and how I wanted to be, yet I never made any changes to become the person. That was until the summer of 2015. This is the time where I told myself that things would have to change in the Fall. So far since I told myself that months ago things are starting to look different than how they were in the past three years. The young adult I’ve become in college is more sociable towards peers, more caring of appearance, and more dedicated to trying new things.

If anybody were to ask the Westwood High School Class of 2015 who Karleesto Dash was, the chances
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Participating in these activities I was able to open up more, and learn different tips that I would take with me throughout life. The only regret I have from this is not spreading my wings a little more. The same organizations and clubs I joined my freshman year is what I stuck with throughout high school. Every time I decided to take two steps forward to something new I ended going two steps back to my original place. This has to be my biggest change in college. As of right now I’ve joined two amazing groups on campus. I plan to continue being a member of these groups, but also joined other organizations throughout the next three years. In doing so I am likely to enjoy the college experience more, and better my …show more content…
When it comes to shaping I’ve found it much easier to do when I’m away from home, and can live the way I want to. So far after a couple months into freshman year I have become the young women that I’ve only dreamed I’d be. I’m no longer scared to present myself in the way I want to, talk to my peers around me, or participate in activities that excite me. College is an experience like none other, and it is my ultimate goal to get the full

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