Reflection Paper On The Elderly

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The movie brought back some spectacular memories of my grandpa, great grandma, and great aunt who lived into the late 90’s and early 100’s. I have seen firsthand that people are living longer than before. Since my family members have lived longer, I was able to spend time with them and heard amazing stories of about my heritage. I think that this video brought some fantastic points about the elderly population. One positive point that Leon Kass MD stated was “it is in many respects really a wonderful time to be old because people are not only living longer but their living healthier into their 70s or 80s and some cases into their 90s.” I think that this is a real advantage that we all should learn by. Each one of us has the potential to …show more content…
I never realized over half of the people who lived past 85 years old will go into a nursing home. This is a lot of people. I wonder if there will be more nursing homes built in the future. This worries me some since there are already many that are full and have waiting lists to get a loved one a room. This also creates another problem of where do they go if they are not safe to stay in their home and can only stay so long in the hospital due to insurance and other reasons. I also learned that most people want to die at home but sadly they usually will die at the hospital. I think that as the times change, we as the future population should help to honor the patient’s dying wish. However, just as the video touched on the actuality of the situation of why these elderly folks have to stay in the hospital is understandable. The reality is that these elderly people have much more going on such as infections, intravenous lines, or are in need of staff to keep them safe from falls. Therefore, they are unable to go home to die. I learned that even with having a living will and advanced care directive sometimes the decisions that we want such as going home to die will not always happen. However, I still think that everyone should have a living will so that they family and doctors will know your wishes concerning your care. The family and doctors still will do the best that they can to fulfill your

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