Reflection Paper On Self Test Obstacles

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Introspection can be difficult, especially when one is required to do so publicly. If I am, to be honest, I don’t like to write, although I generally like the result of what I have written. I appreciate this assignment as it forces me to look closely at my writing process, strengths and weaknesses. I especially liked the “Self-Test Obstacles” found in this module.

I am a dichotomy of insecurity and self-confidence. I am not the one in the class who effortlessly inks letters to a page producing an “A” paper. I must work for mine if it is to be. My focus is usually on the big picture. I outline in my head even if they haven’t been committed to paper. Nuggets of information seem incomplete driving me to thoroughly research a topic. Determining when “enough is enough” is often my problem. Brevity is my nemesis. I sometimes try to communicate too much. However, procrastination is my greatest flaw. I often underestimate how long a writing assignment will take. Time management is essential in research and writing. Developing concise, meaningful sentences based on sound primary and secondary sources can become a time management nightmare. Reacquainting myself with the APA formatting, style, and citation structures was a challenge also requiring additional time initially. I have learned to start early where possible; although, life has a way of altering my best-laid plans.

Any success that I find I attribute to life skills that have positively affected my writing. Such as sound…

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