Reflective Journal Essay

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Reflective Journal

During this reflective journal, I will be speaking about the work in which I posted on my York St John blog, focusing on the feedback that I received following my initial ideas and the way that I will develop my writing further in order to make it better. Within this, I shall speak about how the process develops from an idea and then further when somebody has read the work.
Within the module, one of my favourite lectures and workshop was “Stage and Radio” that was taken by Linda Marshall-Griffiths. Prior to attending university, I was able to write scripts for a media course that I took at college, however I found this to be vastly different as opposed to those scripts that were written for television and film. By having
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It can be accessed at though I was happy with the content that I produced, there were problems that I have been told about due to the format was incorrect and I decided that some of the language in which I had used wasn’t the characters voices. Therefore, with this in mind, I managed to read about the correct way in which to format a script, and the way they differ between screen, stage and radio. By using this feedback, I found books and with help of actual scripts that are available from BBC productions and the provided examples of scripts along with books, I was able to edit my script in order to make it better than the work I had previously produced. “Step 1. Getting Started. Step 2. Sloppy Copy, the first draft. Step 3. Hamming it Up: Revision. Step 4. Tuning it up: Editing” (Chapman, C. Differentiated Instructional strategies for writing in the content areas. 2009), serves as a reminder that revisions and editing of drafts to final get a final piece are very much needed and important within any writing. “The editing step in the writing process provides time for the author to correct spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, and the overall appearance of the selection” (page sixty four), not only is a reminder of how many mistakes can be made and that they can be fixed simply

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