Strengths And Weaknesses Of A Television Workshop

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Whilst doing the Television workshop, our production team had many strengths and weaknesses. Our main weakness being communication between group members. This overall impacted our show and the quality of our contents, although we did surprise ourselves with the outcome. In my critical reflection, I will be outlining the skills I developed in this workshop, what the process and outcome was like for our final show and what further professional development I may plan to achieve. Doing the television workshop I had two main roles in our production groups. First editing the Bone Marrow VT and the second was a camera operator on camera 3. During my time in these roles I gained and developed editorial and technical skills. When editing I already …show more content…
It all started off fine when everyone was first assigned roles, with just a few issues from some who were later regrouped. Everyone was full of ideas and very enthusiastic. However, as the weeks progressed about half of the group appeared to have lost interest and weren’t showing much commitment, recusals began to be small meetings with the same handful of people turning up each week. Which benefitted no one as the things that needed assessing concerned people who weren’t present which made communication and a plan really hard. The work soon became ver stressful when we realised on of the VTs was poor quality and we needed to do another one to replace it. This shouldn’t have been stressful as we’d already mapped out so many ideas but no one would go out and make contact or film the location. So it was again left for the same five or six people to do the work. I found this extremely stressful as when it became very close to the live show and time was crucial, people were still not turning up for rehearsals and even when they did show, they had a million questions that had been covered and answered serval times but either weren’t there to hear or just weren’t paying attention. One of the main issues within the production group was that certain people complained that they never get a say in what we do, but when given a chance to put forward ideas they said nothing. This then proved an issue during our first full recurs which also was our last before the show. This issue being people arguing with the directors instructions and trying to voice their opinions. I believed that rehearsal was very important, we didn’t have enough time to be messing about, we needed a plan and everyone needed to act upon it without question. After tears, arguments and a lot of unnecessary stress the actual show itself went a lot better than expected. There was a few hiccups but nothing drastic. For example, my track

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