Reflection Paper On My Service Learning Experience

1386 Words Dec 14th, 2015 null Page
I believe that you can’t fully understand something until you’ve lived it or experienced it. Before applying what I’ve learned about in Levinas and Kierkegaard articles to my service learning experience I never fully understood my responsibility to others or who was I responsible to. In this experience what was really incredible for me is how much responsibility we have to our “neighbor” on where Kierkegaard talks about who is our neighbor and why he is so important in our life. Kierkegaard said “to love yourself in the right way and to love the neighbor correspond perfectly to one another; fundamentally they are one and the same thing” (pg22) what makes me agree with Kierkegaard is that loving yourself is the same thing as loving your neighbor since the way that you are is the exact same way that ultimately you are going to be treated. The key part of this quote is “same thing” because it makes me feel as if I care about you people might try to do the same thing since that we are all equally responsible for everybody.
If I love myself then I’m going to be a very nice person to my neighbor or anyone who I am with, but I can’t really hate myself and expect me to be able to love someone who first isn’t me. The Rio Grande Hospital admits a lot of patients each day and for me to be able to love each and every one of them I first need to be in peace with myself and love myself. This leads me to if I am responsibility to my neighbor and if we must worry it. The notion of…

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