Reflection Paper On Faith And Faith

1878 Words Oct 16th, 2015 8 Pages
Oh You of Little Faith, Why Do You Doubt?
You ask me why faith is important. You say that you want faith like me, but do you really? Faith takes an effort, and I am afraid that you do not have that. Faith takes time, and I am afraid you are just too busy. But let me tell you something. As much as you do not want to admit it, you need faith. I will show you how important faith really is. Listen to what I have to say. Let go of the doubt that sits within your small, closed minds, and believe me. I will show you what faith is.
Faith is believing in something even though you cannot see it. You say that seeing is believing, but is it really? Let me explain. Seeing is not believing and believing is not seeing. Let me tell you something that happened long since now. Our faith died. Our faith is dead. There is no faith anymore because no one believes. No one believes because no one sees. Faith is like a domino effect. One thing after another begins to fall apart and slowly the dominos pile over. One person loses faith, and they all lose faith. You say that you can set dominos back up, and indeed you can. However, setting dominos back up takes time. We do not have time.
Faith is trust. Faith is trusting that what you believe is true. It is trusting that what you believe will redeem you. You say that trust is hard, but you are wrong. Trust takes place every day. When I sit down in a chair, I trust that it will hold me. When I hit the brakes in my car, I trust that they will work.…

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