Reflection Paper On Christian Morality

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Q1. Of the lessons that I learned this semester, Christian morality is the one that has the most specific impact on me. I made a lot of conscious and unconscious immoral decisions at the detriment of the soldiers I used to command. I used to personalize what was meant for everybody in the company. I have learned from this lesson that it was due to disordered love that made me maltreat the others. I have realized that I was not given them the right that due them. As a nurse in the making, I will implement positive moral behaviors where ever I work. I will never let my selfish thoughts led me to sin. I will always reflect on my actions will affect not only myself, but also those I work with. I will go to work on time, do my work as required, encourage others to follow my good work, and use the resources for the purposes they are meant for.

II. I am greatly inspired at the marvelous works of jean Vainer. I am impressed at the wonderful changes that his tremendous works brings to the lives of the disabled. I could not imagine what inspire him to think of this help. These are people that their community used to look low upon. He shows love and compassion to these individuals. Jean provides food, shelter, courage, and let the society appreciate them. I pray God give me the compassionate heart to help others. I do not need to have excess wealth in order to help. I only need to have the spirit of giving and love.

Q3A. The three specific ways this question makes sense are; that…

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