Reflection Paper On Animals

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Over the course of the semester, I planned to make a difference in the animal field. Animals are mistreated not only in Hong Kong but also around the world. They are starved, beaten, and neglected by their owners. Animals don’t deserve this type of treatment—they have been serving and helping humans for thousands of years. All acts done by animals are good. I wanted to help the animals in Hong Kong by treating a small portion of them correctly. In order to help this cause, I took care of the dogs at Whiskers and Paws, I played with them, I cleaned up after them, and I made sure that they were behaving. During the visits, I obtained personal connections with the dogs—I felt the sadness and anger inside of them. Helping out at Whiskers and Paws …show more content…
A skill that I have obtained over the course of this semester was learning how to do multiple tasks at once. I learned this because at Whiskers and Paws, I had to manage multiple jobs at once, such as caring for the dogs, playing with the dogs, supervising the children, and cleaning up after the dogs. This skill was needed during those times because it would benefit the dogs better. This is valuable to me because in the future, this will come in handy because I aspire to become a veterinarian. Another skill I learned was to pay attention to my surroundings. I learned this because during the visits, I had to be aware of what was going on around me. I listened to instructions correctly, and I did them as quickly and orderly as I could. An example of this was when the young woman who accepted my services instructed me what to do. In order to do my work, I needed to know where everything was located. This skill is valuable because being aware of your surroundings is a life skill that everyone needs and wants. A new trait that I gained was compassion. I gained this trait because during my visits, I showed compassion towards the dogs by doing everything that I could to make their lives happier and better. This is an important trait because it shows that you care for whatever you are showing compassion towards. Finally, I found a new passion during my visits to Whiskers and Paws. My passion for animals is very strong—stronger then I thought it was before. I showed that I gained this new passion for animals because every time I went to Whiskers and Paws, I greeted every dog I saw and played with them like they were my own. I treated the dogs as if they were people—I showed them respect and I made sure that they were all okay. This is a very important life lesson for because I need this trait in order to obtain the job of a

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