Reflection on "The Ultimate Gift" Essay

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I feel that this movie was very meaningful and takes a lot of time to fully understand it. The main character, Jason Stevens, persevered through to the end and along the way learned how to be a better person. He showed honesty when he told Emily he had no friends and was in need of one. He also showed sanctity of life when he tried his best to run away from the kidnappers and succeeded. It shows that he wouldn't just throw away his life like that and do his best to stay alive. To show his value of work he did his best from the start to the end to show that he can start and finish something by himself; he drove all the posts in the ground as neatly as he could making sure they were inline, straight, equally spaced apart. He rescued the man …show more content…
He learned that money wasn't always there when he needed it and that money is earned through hard work and dedication to your job, also relating to value in work. Laughter every now and again makes a person more relaxed and more open to what other people say like when they tell jokes they may not make sense to you so you ask "why" to the person that tells it, it's also an easier way to understand people more. In a person's life they always wish for a perfect day. You try to help someone fulfill it or live your own one. Jason helped Emily find her perfect day in the movie. At the beginning of the movie he didn't have a dream and now over the time taken to fulfill his gifts he found his dream; his dream was to build a place to help sick children and their parent or parents that cannot afford medical attention for their child. He experienced love when he fell in love with Emily's mother, Alexia. He realized it was another motivation to what he was doing.

I can experience spiritual growth by doing my best to make the best decisions that can benefit me and others. I can also do that by helping others in need and set a good example to try to make an impression on them by helping them and making my decisions with great care. I may also try to help those in dilemmas and direct those who r making mistakes to do the best they can to do better. I can be truthful to others and don't cheat on tests, quizzes, and homework. I can also try to improve

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