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The Gospel of Luke for Everyone Reflection Paper In the book The Gospel of Luke for Everyone by N.T. Wright there are multiple themes coming through throughout the passages in his teachings on the book of Luke from the New Testament. N. T. Wright writes about Luke speaking on love, healing, prayer, faith, traveling, and following without question. Travelling in obedience to God’s call is one of Luke’s central pictures for what it means to be Christian (Wright, p.117). The major theme that is all over this book of the bible is that the “good news” is for all, and ties all of the other themes together. It is the universal appeal of Christianity and how it speaks to everyone: the unwashed masses and the persecuted, the Jews and the gentiles, …show more content…
Love and healing is found everywhere in this book. Wright writes Jesus shares about pollution of sickness and death, but the power of his love- and it is love, above all, that shines through these stories- it turns that pollution to wholeness and hope (Wright, p. 105). These stories that bring hope to the hopeless pointed out by Luke included in God’s grace are the weak, meek, and unclean.
In Luke both women and children are highlighted. There are more stories of women in Luke then in the other three gospels combined. One of the many places you will find this theme is in the beginning of Luke, as he frames Jesus’s birth story through Mary’s eyes. Women are honored as disciples following and caring for Jesus, repenting at his feet, and listening to him teach, like Mary & Martha.
The forgiveness of sins and salvation tells us that everyone is worthy of grace. It is seen in Jesus’s birth story when the first to see the star are the Shepard’s. Which at the time were seen as lowly thieves that were unwashed. The angel goes to them and they herald tidings of great joy that will be to “all” people. It is because what is happening is for everyone that we see this scene for the low of the low as being inclusive of
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It is seen when Mary and Elizabeth are visited by the angels. Also when the angels visit the shepherds in the fields, then again at the temple with Simeon and Anna, and at the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist when the heavens open and the Holy Spirit descended in the body and God speaks saying that Jesus is his son.
Then at the Transfiguration of Jesus he takes Peter, John, and James to witness on the mountain as he and the two men, Moses and Elijah, who appeared in glorious splendor, are talking together. It is stated by Peter in Luke 20 and later on the mountain by God himself. And a voice came from the cloud: ‘this is my son, my chosen one: listen to him.’ (Luke 9:35).
Prayer has a unique role for the believers it is talked about after his baptism Jesus prayed and the heavens opened. It also talks about how Jesus dedicates time to prayer. Now it came to pass in those days that He went out to the mountain to pray, and continued all night in prayer to God (Luke 6:12). Then in Luke 11 his disciple asked him to teach them to pray and the Lord’s Prayer is introduced to us. Later in Luke after Jesus teaches by parable He says, that men always ought to pray and not lose heart. (Luke

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