Reflection On Reading And Literacy

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1) At the beginning of the semester my view of reading and literacy was that it was fundamentally about how to read text, which involved teaching children about phonics and phonemic awareness. That has changed over the semester because I now realize how reading and literacy instruction are much more than simply knowing how to read. Spelling, writing, and comprehension are also intertwined with reading and literacy instruction. All of these elements work together to make a child a better reader and understand what they are reading. I now believe that in order for a child to be a “good reader” they need to have basic phonics skills and phonemic awareness, but they also need to have reading fluency, such as prosody, voice, smoothness, and expression. …show more content…
Grace enjoys talking and loves chatting about her day. I advise you to listen to Grace and to let her talk. She is still learning how to speak English and I noticed the more I let her talk over the semester, the better her English became. I think it is imperative that Grace feels comfortable talking to you so she feels free to speak and practice her English. I also recommend discussing books with Grace. She enjoys the discussion aspect, but it is also great for her comprehension.
One thing Grace really enjoys is reading poems, especially funny poems. We did a lot of repeated readings and the poems were something that Grace enjoyed reading and didn 't feel overwhelmed by. She also liked trying to memorize the poems, and I was constantly amazed at how quickly she could memorize a poem. Another thing Grace enjoys is playing games. I found that Grace has a little bit of a competitive side to her and loved to beat me. I recommend playing games that use words that she is working
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The initial phone call to her was the hardest for me, but once I spoke to her I realized that she is a parent just like me. I enjoyed talking to her at the end of each tutoring session and letting her know how wonderful her daughter was. I feel much more confident talking to parents and know that I can do it.
• My fifth goal for this semester is to feel more confident in being able to teach in a classroom in the near future. I will know I have made progress towards this goal by evaluating the time I have spent with the student I am tutoring and noting what has worked and what hasn’t.
I have made progress towards this goal by evaluating the time I have spent with Grace. I now have an idea of how to work with a student on a regular basis. I am also more comfortable with knowing that sometimes things won 't work and you just need to adjust. I also know that sometimes things take longer than expected and again you just have to adjust. A lot of the things that I did in tutoring, I will be able to use in the classroom, such as the games that I played, Words Their Way, and the QRI. This helps me to feel more confident in teaching in the near

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