Reflection On Millennials Are The Demographic Age Group Following Generation X And Also Known As Generation Y

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Reflection on Millennials in the Workplace
Millennials are the demographic age group following Generation X and also known as Generation Y. Although, there is no specific time span for this age cohort, they are generally defined as born between 1980 and the early 2000s. Currently, more than one in three Americans is a Millennial, making them the largest group in the American labor force. In moving forward it is essential to understand how Millennials operate in order to prepare for the large amount of Millennials, currently in college, that will enter the workforce in the coming years. Much has been said about Millennials in the popular press, with many characteristics attributed to them and I will be reflecting on some of these characteristics.
The popular press is divided in its opinion on Millennials. To every article negatively stereotyping Millennials there is an article countering those stereotypes and explaining how they can be seen more positively. Jennifer Graham shows no mercy as she stereotypes Millennials as lazy, unmotivated and unemployed in her article “A Generation of Idle Trophy Kids” in The Boston Globe. Graham claims that Millennials moving back to the parents’ basement and remaining on the family health insurance until the age of 26 are the root causes of these stereotypes. Graham argues that this reliance on parents’ provision result in an “abandon all ambition, ye who enter here” attitude that makes Millennials content in the comfort of their parents’…

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