Reflection On Logic And Reasoning At A Local Church Essay

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I recently conducted a class on logic and reasoning at a local church. After the class, an attendee approached me to challenge my portrayal of objective truth. During the lesson, I explained the difference between a subjective statement and an objective truth-claim. A subjective statement pertains only to the subject (i.e. the individual making the claim), and is based upon personal belief, feelings, opinions, etc. An example is the statement, “Chocolate is the best flavor of ice cream.” While this statement may be true to the individual making the claim, it is not universally true for everyone.

In contrast, an objective truth-claim refers to conditions outside the mind of the individual. Since objective truth pertains to external reality, is universally applicable, and receives foundational support from facts rather than feelings, it is possible to test an objective claim in order to verify the statement. For example, the statement, “The earth is round,” is an objective statement. By examining external reality, we can determine if the earth is in fact round, and conclude if the statement is true (i.e. it accurately describes reality), or if it is false (i.e. it fails to correspond with reality). Since an objective statement pertains to reality, personal belief is irrelevant to the truthfulness of the claim. This means that even if someone sincerely believes the earth is flat, it does not change the fact that the earth is actually round. In other words, their…

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