Do You Have Access To A Full Service Laundromat?

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Having access to a full service laundromat is vitally important. Especially if you have a lot of laundry to wash or your current washer and or dryer breaks down. Here at Koala-T Coin Laundry, we offer full service affordable laundry services like washing, drying, and fluffing, in addition to large washers and free dryers with every wash so that choosing a laundromat like ours saves you time and money. But before coming to the laundromat, many people don’t have a plan to save time and money therefore they get frustrated and as a result, doing laundry becomes difficult. Koala-T wants your laundry to have the best experience before coming, so here are a few things to keep in mind before taking the trip to ensure you’re in and out of the laundromat in no time.

Bring large bags in addition to clothes hampers to store clothes in after washing.

After washing your clothes, one of the best things to do
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If you have quarters before washing you cut down on the time it may take to get quarters after you’ve already arrived. Also waiting in line to get quarters may seem like a trivial task that shouldn’t be avoided, but remember every second counts when your washing clothes.

Separate your laundry before going.

Separating your clothes beforehand is probably the most important thing to do. Have you ever seen people who try to do this at the laundromat? It is an impractical and inefficient use of time while washing clothes. The best thing to do is to separate all your clothes before arriving. This way you can put all the prospective clothing groups in front of the washers that will be used to clean them. Then, in one seamless fashion you can go from washer to washer with coins, and detergent resulting in all your clothes getting washed and dried simultaneously.

Ensure you have enough detergent, fabric softener and bleach before going to the

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