Justification By Faith Analysis

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Our reflection today is based on Romans Chapter 5 which is one of the chapters in the Bible that is full of theological significance since the concept of Justification is dealt with and as history will show it was this subject – Justification by Faith – more than any other which tore the church apart and ushered in the Reformation. However we are not dealing with Justification by Faith in this article.

In Romans 5:6-11 on which we shall reflect, the Apostle Paul is detailing the benefits and privileges that accrue to Christians and he is showing them aspects of their past life, features of their present standing and highlighting their inheritance through Jesus Christ our Lord.

In this article we want to really focus on what Jesus did for
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No matter how puffed up and boastful sinners are one thing that is striking is that when put to the test we are found to be weak. Romans 5:6 tells it as it is for it tells us that, “For when we were yet without strength…” Jesus acted. The mightiest sinner exercising all his considerable resources is utterly powerless to break out of the bondage of his sinful nature. Paul acknowledged this as he cried out, “O wretched man that I am! who shall deliver me from the body of this death” (Romans 7:24) History is replete with people making simple, well intentioned, promises and New Year resolutions and failing to keep them however hard they try. All of us stand before God helpless and unable to free ourselves from our sinful status. We must recognize our weakness for failure to do this is a big impediment if we are to be …show more content…
While this conflict spills over and is marked by physical struggle nevertheless it is essentially a spiritual battle. There are two sides in this spiritual war and you are on one side or the other and if you are not saved you are in Satan’s camp and therefore carries the status as Romans 5:10 describes it, the “…enemy.”

The unsaved church member is as much “the enemy” and at war with God as someone who is an atheist!!

So too is the unsaved but friendly and likable gentleman down the street who won’t harm a fly. All those outside of Christ are warring against God. Remember God knows who side you are on.

All of these, our weakness, our wickedness, our waywardness and our warfare against God add up to a formidable barrier between us and God. Even if we wanted to come to God and be reconciled, and the evidence suggests we didn’t, this barrier was just too difficult to overcome. Thanks are due to God for Jesus who saw our pitiful condition and set about to rescue us.

Then let us notice that Jesus showed his peerless

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