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Final Exam Self Reflection We have a read a few books this year and I have had very different opinions and interpretations on all of them. While there are instances where annotations can be helpful, such as the arduously worded novel, The Odyssey, I find that annotations take away from being able to enjoy the book for its content. I am one to have trouble analyzing the content when I focus more on the annotations I am taking. However, I am very strong in the concept of piecing the plot together. Typically, in a story, there are major components that add up to make the plot and figuring this out can be hard for some people. Another strength I have in reading is I am a quick reader. We went at a very reasonable pace this year. While some nights, there was a reading that was over 20 pages, the next night, we would not read. We also left a good amount …show more content…
I found it to be a very nice and doable pace, and I think most of the class would agree. This was the year that I learned to really appreciate what I was reading. This began with the novel, Into The Wild. This book is very high up on my all time favorite books list. I have grown in appreciation because I have seen how by analyzing the literature and finding the true, deeper meaning, one is able to appreciate it and compare and contrast it to one 's life. Next year, I need to work on my annotations. I am not a big fan of annotating and that has caused me to annotate poorly. I merely reiterate what was said in the text and it does not help me any way. I plan to work on that and educate myself more on literary terms and themes that I could be looking for. My favorite book from this year, like I said earlier, was Into The Wild, by Jon Krakauer. This book complimented my hobbies and interests and I found myself relating to

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