Reflection On Children With Children

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Sometimes it is difficult for us to understand certain situations until we experience them ourselves. This rings true for my own perspective on interacting with children. Previous to my clinical practicum semester in my undergraduate coursework, I doubted my ability to speak to or even tolerate the presence of children within my vicinity. Even so, I had always fostered an interest in the children of the world, where every single child has his/her own personality and a lot more to discover. I always found myself to be that person who would get closer to the child and discover what he/she wants and improve their ability to achieve these desires. I learned to add a tool to their toolbox so every time I interacted with them, they would get something …show more content…
My inexperience with children was palpable in the first sessions with them, but as my interactions with children became more concrete rather than just a concept, the sessions became more enjoyable and easier to manage. After I completed my last semester of my undergraduate coursework, I took time to further apply my knowledge of children with developmental disabilities. My curiosity fueled me to gain more experience and knowledge in the field of disabilities to gain more perspective. I took initiative and found a job as a behavior therapist for children on the autism spectrum, which has helped me truly understand the impact a developmental disability has on a child in all aspects of their life. These children use the tool of learning to accomplish goals that manifests an encouraging outlook on their livelihood. As individuals who have a passion for caring for and aiding those with special needs, it is our duty to prepare these children to utilize the tools they learn in both classroom settings and within their personal …show more content…
As a working professional, I am surrounded by challenges that I must not only face for myself, but for the amelioration of my clients and future students. My passion for this field is holistic; all the modalities of I am fully prepared for rigorous coursework and the countless hours of hands-on experience and learning student teaching will provide. My goal is to watch children like Jake succeed in the future, and a prominent part of attaining that goal is to idealize that child’s future through a functional and purposeful education. I know this program is rigorous and all-encompassing in terms of coursework and experience requirements, but I am confident in my ability to excel in this field with my comfort towards children and patience I have in all parts of my life. I dedicate my life as an advocate for individuals with special needs, both in and out of academia, and a a result I will use all my effort to fully realize my dream to become an educator for these

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