Reflection On Child Observation

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This essay is a reflection on my child observation that was conducted for four weeks based on eight month old Annabel. It will first define observation then go on to identify themes and child observation literature reflecting on my experiance.

The model used for my observation was the Tavistock, originally developed by Ester Bick (1964)(cited in Le Riche & Tanner, 2002) using a psychoanalytical ideologies from Klein and Bion. We were instructed to observe a child between 0-5 years of age for an hour without taking notes, directly after the observation was completed we would have to document it using a narrative style including my reflections over a period of six weeks (see appendix 2). Annabel attend privet nursery four times a week, and
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After presenting my work, the feedback indicated that I was focused on others in the room and not Annabel. I realised that developing my focusing skills was necessary to produce an accurate recording of the observation, and then I saw my second theme which was her moto skills. The fourth week I witnessed her crawling backwards, lunging forward to grab items, moving items from hand to hand and shaking toys (see appendix 2) (Schon, 1983) (cited in Briggs, 1999). Considering when I first was Annabel she was unable to sit up independently, this was shocking. I still found it challenging at times to concentrate because other infants’ non-verbal communication, parents and staff would intermittently enter the room and at times block my view. Nevertheless, I was determined and developed my focusing skills ensuring that I observed Annabel so that I was able to write up (see appendix 2). Linking this ability to my duty as a student social work I would need to look past then superficial and provided my undivided attention to the child in question. Watching them and understating if they have meet developmental milestones, the relationship between caregiver and child attempting to understand their unique relationship and if there are any anomalies how I can support them. Other challenges I faced during this observation process was, the infant’s availability (some occasions the child had not attended, and was not informed by the manager or when I contacted the nursery there was no response) (PCF1); retaining the information and processing to a document format. However there is still blind areas that can be strengths and weaknesses, hidden areas and unknown areas (Hillson & Murray-Webster, 2007) (Ryden,

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