Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD

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I chose this topic because I have two sons that have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). My youngest son is ten and was diagnosed when he was in kindergarten. My oldest son was in third grade when he was diagnosed, but he is nineteen now and has graduated from high school. When my oldest son’s second grade teacher first approached me with her concerns of him possibly having ADHD, I instantly felt a stabbing sensation within me, almost like if someone had diagnosed him with a fatal disease. I was not as familiar with ADHD back then as I am now, so I felt strongly about not giving my son’s medications that were prescribed for ADHD at that time. I had only heard bad things about the medications and how they increased the body’s metabolism and made people feel like they were speeding, resulting in weight loss. I did not realize back then that the stimulant drugs which are prescribed to ADHD patients affect them opposite
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Evidence shows that ADHD is hereditary and is found predominantly in boys. Typically, ADHD is identified in the school setting by teachers whom experience the behavioral outbursts and low homework and quiz grades by recognizing the characteristics of ADHD. Characteristics of ADHD consists of hyperactivity and impulsive behavior and inattentiveness. Hyperactivity and impulsive behavior results in disruption of class, and inattentiveness can lead to learning and homework dysfunction. There are no lab tests to diagnose ADHD, therefore the testing criteria in order to diagnose this disorder takes over six-months to complete. Over the six-month period, data is collected from parents and teachers, filling out checklists as well as a full medical evaluation by the pediatrician are completed, including vision exam and hearing screening. (Association,

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