Reflection Of Writing: How To Become A Better Writer

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“ And now the end is near”, a famous lyric from the Frank Sinatra song “My Way”, but in a way for myself the end is near. This semester I’ve learned a lot, and seen myself exceed expectations that I thought I would never accomplish. With dedication and will power, I kept coming to class, learned different writing styles, and how to write those styles myself. All the supporting materials that are in this folder right now are different steps I took to become a better writer, and each one has some good points and bad ones.
From the very first assignment to the last, I can tell you that I have learned a lot more then I did before I came to this class.
My first paper I wrote, “Life of a Writer” was the first time I thought to myself that I would
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I was lost when I was trying to write my rhetorical analysis paper, but the way Maria Post (author of Obama 's Speech at Howard: Becoming King), wrote about Obama speech, showed so much detail in the speech that it gave me a perspective on what I could write for my paper. The way she analyzed a specific detail about Obama speech like comparing him to Moses and Martin Luther King Jr. to show the Howard University and most importantly the black vote that he can relate to them as well. The important part of the assignment I would have to say would be analyzing who the audience was, and what was their opinion about the …show more content…
All of my friends are either finished with their English class or in English 102, and for me being behind, I felt self conscious that my writing was horrible. After spending a semester in Dr. McSpadden I felt that I have learned a lot more about writing, then my times in High school and my first semester of Intro to English. The perspective I got coming in was different and now I feel that I can take a next step in writing and think outside the box to make my papers better. My skills as a writer are improving and with the help from Dr. McSpadden and I feel that my potential as a writer can be even better by the time I finish English 102. To quote Frank Sinatra again I feel that I can write freely and achieve my goals as a writer doing it “My

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