Mentor Reflection

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As everyone talks about how amazing the Technology Management Program is at UCSB, I could not agree more and now fully understand what they mean and thoroughly enjoy these classes. I am excited to be able to apply our TMP 111 speaker’s ideas and advice to my day to day life in the present as well as influencing my decisions and choices for the rest of my life. The thing I enjoyed most about the speakers were their ability to relate back to us college students, and provide a realistic example that what we are doing right now directly impacts our future.Three principles I am taking away with me from this class correlate to motivation; because I have a small idea of what career path I want to follow but not a great amount of confidence I can get …show more content…
Bob Wood offered a completely new take on what a mentor was and how I should go about finding one, than what I thought a mentor would be before. In a checklist for Development of Faculty Mentorship Programs, a mentor is defined as a “colleague in the same work environment and who is more advanced in the work force” (Law 2). In a college setting, i see this as a person who is older, or possibly in the career field someone would want to go into in the future. Yet Wood made an interesting point that mentorship is also friendship, and because of this I feel a student-adult professional relationship would be hard to achieve, even though he also mentioned that mentorship should be mainly professional (Wood). “The mentor also serves as a cheerleader, championing the fulfillment of goals, and believing firmly in the abilities and worth of the protege” (Law 2). I believe this quote corresponds well with Wood’s outlook on mentorship as he spoke about the qualities a mentor should have, as well as keeping good core values as a mentee as well. I hope to have a mentor in the near future as I currently know I have people that I look up to but would not label a mentor; I am going to take Bob Wood’s advice though, and let the mentor relationship build naturally, in order to create the best mentorship

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