Personal Ministry Plan

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During the examining pastoral culture phase, I want to explain how I will use the lessons provided by the author to help to develop my personal ministry plan. For my plan, I want God to fill my hart with love to others. From my point of view, everything starts from our hart. The Bible teaches us, “Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God” . From the abundant of our hart the mouth speaks. Not only bad things will be talked with a bad hart, but manners and attitudes could be affected as well. Tripp mentioned in his book, “I wanted my students to understand that they are called no just to preach exegetically correct and theologically precise sermons but also to pastor …show more content…
As leaders working in God’s ministries, we have to be careful not to lose sight in God’s goals. I have been able to see how some pastors have become so self-center that they no longer spend time with their congregation after the service. As soon as their service is over, they go back to their office and hide until the church is already empty. After reading Tripp books and putting together what the Bible teaches, these individuals need to understand better what Jesus did while he was on earth. Jesus always demonstrated and showed love to others, therefore, is our duty to teach the word of God to everyone and love each other. I will ensure that my personal ministry plan will follow Jesus’s examples. As leaders teaching the word of God to others, is appropriate to prepare before standing in front of them. It is correct to spend some time worshipping and prayerful with God. Having a close relationship with God will help leaders understand what the Bible teaches us and how it applies to our life before we teach. If the word of God does not make any effect on our life, how do we pretend it would influence on other people’s life. One thing to remember, it is good to prepare, but leaders cannot dedicate so much time in preparing to preach that they forget about their family and marriages. The family is an important institution of God. Leaders should accommodate their time in such a way that they also can dedicate some quality time with their family members. Another situation will be not able to hear what other people preach. Sometimes we believe that because we as leaders are so involved in the study and teaching of the word of God that we do not need to listen other preachers preach the word of God. I always pray to God so He always keep me in check and guide

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