Essay on Reflection Of My Self Reflection

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I open the door of my home and feel the warmth that is taking me over. I sense the sweet smell of incense sticks and hear my children calling my name out loudly. Another day at University has gone and once again I return to my sacred and safe place. Personally, I crave and pursue safety. “I enjoy being safe. Having a place where I can hide from everything, escape from reality. My little world, unspoilt and sheltered” (Personal Journal, 11th October, 2016). During the past weeks I found myself questioning the meaning of these feelings as I have realised they were the main theme of my self-reflection since the start of this journey of self-discovery and change. I sense that I would like to think I have found a new safe space within the unknown environment, experiential group. It feels as this might be my way of coping with stress and ambiguity that the new chapter of my life has brought. I think of this intention of mine as infantile and non-grounded. Moreover, I am tempted to compare it to a thumb sucking in children when they employ regression as a defence mechanism. According to Freud (1973), this type of defence mechanism is employed when we feel frightened or under the stress and is manifested through psychological regression to more primitive behaviours. Or could it be that am I just distorting the actual experience in order to control my anxiety and protect myself? “I was in the safe place. There was a warmth that I felt and safety that I sensed”…

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