Reflection Of My Personal Belief System Essays

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To describe my personal belief system, I would first start off by stating that I am Catholic. However, on the contrary of being raised in a community of Catholics, I believe my beliefs venture astray from the ones of Catholicism. Therefore, I will discuss what I truly believe in, regardless of its relationship to Catholicism. In that case I will not wrongly speak against my religion. To begin, I will first say that I do believe in God. I believe that there is a God watching over myself and loved ones at all times. I trust that when I pray at night, God is answering my prayers. Although I do not attend church as frequently as I would like to, I still affirm that the church is a holy place where my relationship with God is at its strongest. Moreover, when I look at baptism I look at it as a way of becoming a part of Jesus Christ. Therefore, I am thankful for my baptism as I believe I would not have anyone to turn to on my darkest days. In addition, it is important for me to have a relationship with God; therefore I can pray to him at the end of a long day and thank him for everything he has blessed me with. When it comes to the topic of afterlife, I affirm that those who have sinned greatly in life will turn to Hell, while those who have done good in life will enter a place of eternal peacefulness with Jesus Christ in Heaven. I believe my belief system has developed through the years and has been altered by the things I have seen, heard, and learned. However, I have…

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