Reflection Of My Experience In AP Language And Writing

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As I entered AP Language and Composition, I felt confident and excited because I have always enjoyed English. I knew going into the class that it would include writing several papers, but I have enjoyed writing since I was younger; however, some of the writings are more difficult than others. For example, I seem to struggle with synthesis writings, whereas I tend to do well on argumentative writings. I already had an idea as to what I would learn and do throughout the class because I had spoken with students who took it last year, but I did not expect some of the writings to be difficult, or the Capstone paper to be stressful. I felt a little discouraged and agitated at times, but my confidence has grown because I did better than I thought …show more content…
For my literary analysis paper on Huckleberry Finn, I had decided to do Huck’s Psychological Changes; a way of tying two classes I love into one paper. I edited my analysis until I thought it was clear, concise, and well-organized causing an excellent grade, as well as the realization that with a little extra work and effort, I could have a well-written paper. This also helped me realize that being organized as a whole could help me be an excellent student because I was able to use organization to help my time management skills. I found having time management skills makes getting homework and studying done at an efficient pace. I believe that having skills such as these now will help me later in life and help me continue to become a successful student because with every new assignment and novel, I feel I learn more about myself as a student and a writer, and I tend to discover new skills that help me in all my classes, especially my Mitchell classes. For example, finding ways to remember vocabulary also helped me study for Psychology final by helping me remember terms and statements. By using skills I learned in English, it also helped me write my Psychology paper about something I wanted to change about myself. Whether it is editing the paper myself, having a classmate look through it, or using an online editing tool, all of it combines to help me improve writing skills and expand my vocabulary as a

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