Huckleberry Finn Personal Response

A Letter from Mark Twain I am sure that many people in your time are familiar with my famed narrative The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. This book has been known for its ability to stir up quite the quarrel between many people of both my time and your time. In the past, this book received some of the most abhorrent critiques of any book throughout the ages. It has been said that my narrative has “but little humor, and that of a coarse type” and “more suited for slums than to intelligent, respectable people”. As time went on, I expected people to better understand what I truly was trying to say in this novel, as the human race is supposed to “evolve” as time goes on, but lets just say this has not been the case and my claims of the decadence of man from the higher beings of the animal kingdom still seem to hold true. The critique that my art receives is simply unjustified and cruel especially considering the fact that most of the ones who judge it are blind. In case they are reading this now, and I need to point it out for …show more content…
I present a multitude of complex themes in my “slum writing” that I feel every citizen of this country should learn from as the country as a whole would benefit greatly from such a horrid act. The fundamental themes of this book are racism and conformity. Now, some of the slower people might find themselves believing that I, myself, am a proponent of the judgment of another man or woman’s skin color whose is not the color of mine. This may cause them to take drastic measure such as censoring my writing and even banning it in some cases. I thought that this notion would have slowly died off as the human race became more “civilized” but I can see now how that is not the case as this crime is still being committed today. I can half-heartedly see how one might come to this conclusion after reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn with the repeated use of the word “nigger” and the appearance of slavery. People have gone as far to

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