Mark Twain's The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn Essay

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Learning incorporates discussions of students, arguing and analyzing. Without controversy, students would not be able to know how to express their opinions and discuss with other people who have differents views. It is vital for students to question what they are being taught and be curious about life, giving controversial materials to learn from and discuss as a class is a great way to help students learn. Mark Twain wrote the book, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, which was extremely popular when it was published in the 1880’s because of its controversial content. The plot is about a boy, Huckleberry, who grows up in the deep South and who eventually runs away with an escaped slave and has adventures …show more content…
From the Article In Praise of Huckleberry Finn by Lance Morrow, he writes, “In any case, permit me to argue the Huck Finn--intelligently taught, and understood-- belongs on an infinitely higher artistic and moral plane. A teacher should be able to show the young of any race the book’s graces and virtues”(Morrow). Morrow is explaining how the book is extremely important for the growth of students and that it is something everyone should learn about. He elaborates about the values and themes of the book and how it is something that helps enormously for students to understand that time period and other topics it contains. This argument of whether to teach with this book or not in school is huge. It is the main reason it should be used in schools, students should learn how to question what they are being taught and form an opinion of their own. This helps students analyze the book and its topics even more and understand how to discuss this and their feelings of how the book should be used. It is something that not all classes can teach a student how to do and this book is the perfect way to show them how to do this. Not only does the book itself become a controversy of whether or not to be taught, the themes and topics of the it are also controversial, this is precisely what students need to

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