The Morality Of Huckleberry Finn

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When talking about who Huckleberry Finn is, it is important to include the different pieces and parts that add up to who he is as a whole. This novel was unique to others that I have read because of the first-person point of view. It gave the reader an insight into what Huck was thinking rather than just guessing characteristics from his actions. From his thoughts and actions Huck’s personality circled around his immaturity, morality, and the idea that he doesn’t fit into the time period. From the beginning to the end of the novel Huckleberry’s immaturity was noticeable. His dislike of staying with the widow was caused by him not wanting to be “sivilized”. It became apparent to the reader that Huck meant what he said about being civilized …show more content…
With Jim he learned that sometimes he should put someone else’s needs before his own, he learned that the world can be a scary and untrusting place to live from the Duke and King, he learned that he doesn’t want to be an average boy with edicate, while his father taught his that he is capable of living independently. I noticed that Huck stuck to his morals of not wanting to be “sivilized”, which I found as a sign of immaturity. I have always been taught the growing up is a never ending cycle of doing things you don’t want to do. I am always told to be ladylike, my form of “sivilized”, and if you don’t act like a lady and appropriately you are seen as childish, so for Huck to not get over being civilized shows me that he is stuck in his childhood. I do not believe that Huck deserves respect. Yes, the outcome of what he did was good for most people involved, but the things he did to get to that point were more overdrawn than they needed to be. I believe he caused chaos among all the people he interacted with, he ruined relationships. I think the outcome was good for the main characters but for the people he walked all over their homes were left in shambles, so I do not think that he deserves admiration for what he did. Huckleberry is not a perfect example of an American citizen but he does show some good qualities of one. Especially in the present, the American people have accepted that things and people are changing. Huck shows characteristics of young people in America.Gay rights have been a controversial topic even after it was legalized. For the older generations in America the homosextiuality was a very taboo topic but the youngest generations are the most tolerant because they grew up in a time where changes were occurring.So Huckleberry, being the youngest generation, is accepting of Jim and his

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