My Classroom Field Experience

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Becoming a teacher has always been my desire and goal. The opportunity to work beside experienced educators has helped prepare me for the future. I was able to observe the teachers whom I did my field experience with, and I learned a lot of excellent ideas of how to deal with children. I learned some valuable motivational techniques to use with my future students. Also, I witnessed the joy and satisfaction that comes from being an educator. For example, when you help a child overcome obstacles in learning and encouraged them not to give up. I learned that I will need to be aware of the challenges students face outside of class and how it will affect their behavior. Therefore, I will have to use a variety of classroom management techniques …show more content…
In the Pre-K room I really observed the teachers and how they dealt with discipline. For example, when the children would start getting rowdy, which would happen a lot, they had a vase that had marbles in it. When the children were behaving they would add marbles and when they were misbehaving they would take. The point of filling this jar was to give the children a party at the end of the month if they could fill the vase up. This really worked with the students and was a great example of classroom management. Another situation I experienced during my field experience was with a five year old boy who had Down syndrome. I have never actually worked with a special needs student so this was my first time and I learned a lot alone through him. He was in a classroom setting the whole time at school and he did wonderful, he would need a little extra help every now and then, but this was a great way for him to learn with other …show more content…
For example, how there is not just one way to teach students and not every student learns the same. I believe that this assignment will impact the way I teach in the future. For example, I want to include hands on activities in my lessons that will encourage students to explore and interact with each other. The knowledge I gained observing the classroom could not have happened if I hadn’t had my book and learned about all different concepts about education. The information in class really stuck with me when we talked about it in class and later that week I was able to experience in my volunteering. Also, I learned how to talk to the students better through my field experience and how to motivate them in different ways. This experience has made my ambition and love for teaching grow. I believe through my experience I can help future educators by showing them different strategies to teach and how to deal with classroom management. Some challenges for me in the beginning were classroom management. The knowledge I gained through my field experience has helped me over come my challenge of classroom management and discipline. For example, when the children act up and the classroom starts to get out of control, have an incentive to get them calmed down. The class could have a reward system for when they have good behavior. This was a delightful experience and it just has made me

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