Reflection Of A Reflection Paper

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IPC Reflection Paper Every week, I would evaluate my experiences and transfer them into my Interpersonal Communication Journal. Each entry made me analyze each conversation I had with the people that are in my life. As I reflected on all my past journal entries, I have noticed some patterns going on. The major pattern that I have noticed was that I did my journals in the nighttime which makes me an owl according to the physiological traits. The many other patterns consisted of facework, fellowship face, unconditional positive regard, open-mindedness, and listening to show support. Alongside with these patterns, came the strengths and weaknesses in my communication with others. Through these strengths and weaknesses, I came up with an improvement plan that will remove my weaknesses. Having to write my journal entries periodically had changed the way I viewed my communication by paying closer attention to them, being supportive and not just listening to respond but to evaluate. The patterns that I noticed in my journal entries are as mentioned earlier: facework, fellowship face, unconditional positive regard, and listening to show support. Facework is when behaviors that I exhibit in order to maintain positive perception of ourselves. I had facework because I wanted to leave a positive impression on the new people that I had met with since attending George Mason University. In many of the conversations that I had with people, I had fellowship face. This means that I had…

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