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I am very pleased to present this digital portfolio and essay that summarizes my course work and highlights the critical thinking, research and digital writing skills we have learned in the Capstone Seminar at Charter Oak State College. The enclosed selected assignments and cover essay comprise the building blocks of my studies over the past eight weeks. The portfolio collection consists of the Self-Reflection Profile Essay from the first week of class, the Critical Analysis Essay from week two, the final Research Report submitted in week seven of this course and selected discussion posts. The assignments contained in this digital portfolio progressively demonstrate the learning of foundational academic skills that has better prepared me for …show more content…
The various exercises that led up to this assignment provided a step-by-step introduction to the essential foundational components of writing a research report. The exercises gradually developed and improved my skills necessary to write a quality research report. I sincerely found each assignment to be an important step towards my evolution as a critical thinker and writer. The carefully constructed organization of the course content allowed me to concentrate on improving a subset of skillsets, before moving on to the next learning opportunity. As my research and writing skills advanced, I revised my work to be more concise and include newly acquired skills and techniques. At first, simply choosing an interesting topic and selecting pertinent research questions was difficult. With the help of course materials, I enhanced my critical thinking to research skills and confidently select a research topic and supporting questions for the final research report. With a concerted effort, I improved my ability to logically structure a research report and write a concise thesis statement. Using my critical thinking skills, I learned how to construct supporting arguments and consider counterarguments for my research. The use of an annotated bibliography prepared me to more easily document my research findings and identify potential biases. Discussion posts and peer reviews regarding the research report were very helpful and allowed for open discussion and sharing of information. Reviewing the works of other classmates provided validation and insight for potential improvements. The input from eTutoring as well as the Purdue OWL, The Craft of Research reference book and instructional videos on paraphrasing, was very helpful in composing my research report. Guidance and constructive feedback from experts and peers have been

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