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I am very pleased to present this digital portfolio and essay that summarizes my course work and highlights the critical thinking, research and digital writing skills we have learned in the Capstone Seminar at Charter Oak State College. The enclosed selected assignments and cover essay comprise the building blocks of my studies over the past eight weeks. The portfolio collection consists of the Self-Reflection Profile Essay from the first week of class, the Critical Analysis Essay from week two, the final Research Report submitted in week seven of this course and selected discussion posts. The assignments contained in this digital portfolio progressively demonstrate the learning of foundational academic skills that has better prepared me for future endeavors.
The first assignment, the Self-Reflection Profile essay was extremely enriching and a valuable introduction to this course. It was enlightening to reflect upon my life and better understand how these experiences have guided my actions and beliefs. Initially, I found it
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I did my best to evaluate Gladwell’s sophisticated arguments by using critical thinking techniques to synthesize the information and formulate my opinions. After careful analysis, I struggled to logically summarize my thoughts in a well-structured MLA format. I had minimal exposure to the MLA format, and also found that analyzing newly introduced material added complexity to the assignment. The Purdue Owl website was tremendous asset that provided useful detailed references and examples. I also referred to the assigned text Rule Book of Arguments multiple times, to better understand the rules and techniques. It is interesting that upon review of my previously submitted critical analysis essay, I can easily identify areas of improvement. This growth is a testament to the effectiveness of this course in critical thinking and writing

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