C K5 Music Analysis

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Mozart’s Allegro in C K5a was my choice of music for that day’s function. One of Mozart’s earliest compositions, it was a lively piece. After my name was announced, I started gliding my finger tips on the white keys, the lilting notes started wafting in the hall and mesmerized my audience that comprised of faculty of my school and my fellow students. I loved that piece; its fluidity and ease of composition exhilarated me. Each movement was perfect and the tempo quick and happy. I had played with my heart, using my skill. A ‘standing ovation’ at the end applauded the recital and I was rewarded when I saw so many happy faces. My music had touched all present.

That is what music means to me – not sheets to read and strike the right notes; but synchronize rhythm, tempo and beat and create a vibrant environment. I breathe
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Furthermore, I enjoy experimenting and giving their compositions a modern twist, however slight. It works in some cases. Modern piano music of Sir Elton John and Billy Joel also appeals to me. I understand the language of music, irrespective of its genre.

On a different note, music enabled me to develop important life-skills, like, teamwork. Playing in a band with friends has made me aware of our listeners’ musical preferences and adjusting the pitch and the tempo etcetera, helped us strike the right notes. Group singing for the school choir, has been an enriching journey, for I discovered the spellbinding power of music sung in unison – and it has become a metaphor for a united world.

The sounds of music soothe me. They help me focus on my tasks and concentrate, as they envelop me in a calm environment. Playing the keyboard, after a hectic day at school dissipates any distress I might have brought home and peace permeates my being. Recording CDs of songs for children, I grasped the role music could play in teaching the value of culture and

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