Reflection Essay: The One Shy Kid In Class

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Throughout my high school years, I was known to be “the one shy kid” in class. I was always afraid to ask a question when I didn’t understand a subject. I would say my weakness were my english classes and writing essays. Being bilingual messes up thoughts and words that go through my head when writing a paper. I was afraid when having an english class in college, the professor would point me out or give negative comments about my writing. My goal was to write a paper so my professor would be impressed. From this class I wanted to achieve self confidence about my writing and learn more about the sentence structure.

The way I started to draft my papers this semester was different to the way I was drafting in the past. For my previous papers
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English is an important subject because it is hard to write a good paper the night before it 's due. So starting this semester as soon as I got home from school I started my paper. My plan was to have it done at least two days before it was due, so I could have time to reread my work and check for errors that I may notice. I have noticed that this method is very helpful because I have been receiving A’s on my essays and I was also less stressful throughout the whole semester.

Next semester I am going to be taking English 102. There is a couple weaknesses that I would want to work on. The first weakness is that I sometimes have a problem writing essays that a teacher has assigned. The reason I have this problem is because the topic that a teacher assigns is not something that interests me. Also if I get the choice to pick my own topic I struggle as well because there are some many topics to choose from. However if I get to pick my own topic I am able to write a better paper than writing on a topic that a teacher
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I find myself using a lot of simple sentences and run on sentences. Therefore my essays don 't turn out as well as if I used compound, complex and compound-complex sentence. I feel that the grammar that I use is not appropriate for the level grade level that I 'm in. For example I use words such as fun and exciting when I should be using words like extraordinary or words that a college level.

In order to make my weaknesses my strengths I have to practice more. I have to practice writing more essays and reading a lot more. When I read I build up my word bank that I would be able to use in my writing without having to look up synonyms for a particular word.
The point of writing well is to sound professional while writing emails for a job, school essay or even sending text messages. With writing well you 're telling the person you 're writing to that you 're well educated. Without well writing the person might take you as a joke. As a student I will have to write more for the classes to come in the future and writing emails to teachers about assignments. Then in the future I will have to write for my job. I will have to write emails for my boss about the job that I have completed. Writing is a part of my life everyday and it will by for the rest of my

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